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Institutional Review Board

Welcome to Huston-Tillotson’s Institutional Review Board

The Research Standards Committee and Institutional Review Board at HT, informs the University community-at-large concerning the responsibilities of faculty, students, or administrative researchers whose projects involve biological or behavioral research using live human and animal subjects, in order to ensure that procedures are followed to safeguard the rights, dignity, and welfare of research subjects and are in conformance with federal regulations.

The Committee receives proposals from all student, faculty, and administrative staff conducting research involving human or animal research subjects regardless of the form, location, or whether or not it is funded or if another institutional review has been made, e.g., by a hospital institutional review board. If applicable, a copy of that review is to accompany the proposal. Students who carry out research projects involving human or animal subjects must receive prior approval of the student’s protocol by the faculty member sponsoring and supervising the research in the student’s proposal. In addition, this Committee:

Responsibility #1: Formulates guidelines and policies that meet federal regulations, incorporate the ethical concerns for the entire University community, and reflect the particular needs of the University’s researchers (these guidelines and policies are to be approved by the President in consultation with the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs);

Responsibility #2: Provides information to researchers as to the appropriate means for protecting the rights and welfare of subjects, securing the effective, free, informed consent of human subjects, and fulfilling federal, state, local, and University standards regarding human research.

Responsibility #3: Reviews all proposals for human research submitted to the Committee by faculty, student, or administrative researchers to assure concordance with the guidelines set forth in Volume II, Section 2.5.3 of the Policy Manual; and

Responsibility #4: Maintains adequate records, ensures confidentiality, and prepares a yearly report for the President on the research approved.

Research Standards Committee and IRB members shall not be involved in the initial or continuing review of an activity in which they have a vested interest, except to provide the information requested by the Committee.

Forms and Applications

Before applying for IRB review, please visit the relevant links listed in the sidebar for information about the types of review, the submission process, and other pertinent information.

Use the sidebar links for additional resources. If you have any questions about the IRB submission process, contact the current Chair of IRB at

Each form is hyperlinked and will take you directly to a PDF file of the form after you click on the link.


HT IRB Application and Instructions

HT IRB Required Proposal Format

HT IRB Request for Exemption

HT IRB Inst Review Board Continuing Review Request

HT IRB Request for Exemption of Classroom Projects

HT IRB Study Closure Form

HT IRB Faculty Report of Classroom Projects

Supportive and Informational Materials 

What Research Need to Be Reviewed by the IRB?

Types of IRB Review and Levels of Human Subjects Research Review

HT IRB Submission Process and Materials Needed

HT IRB Proposed IRB Categories of Research

HT IRB Continuing Review of Approved Research

HT IRB External Studies Institutional Review Board Requirements

HT IRB Human Subject Review Triggers

HT IRB HT Research Principal Investigator  Criteria

HT IRB Internal Studies with Institutional Board Review Requirements