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TRACS Summit 2019

The Texas Regional Alliance for Campus Sustainability (TRACS) is a network of faculty members, students and sustainability professionals supporting higher education in Texas by implementing climate change and sustainability solutions across campus operations, academic curriculum and off-campus fields of influence. TRACS facilitates collaboration between higher education institutions through a variety of means including the Annual TRACS Summit. TRACS is supported by volunteer members representing Texas colleges and universities.

Huston-Tillotson was proud to host the 2019 Summit, which place on our campus in Austin, Texas from February 17-19, 2019. This year’s theme was “Bringing Environmental Justice to Campus.” We had presentations and posters from over 18 institutions of higher education on a wide range of topics campus sustainability topics, all considering an equity and EJ perspective.


Summit Pictures

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Summit Schedule


Keynote Speaker: Angelou Ezeilo, Founder and CEO, Greening Youth Foundation

The Greening Youth Foundation’s (GYF) mission is to work with diverse, underserved and underrepresented children, youth and young adults in an effort to develop and nurture enthusiastic and responsible environmental stewards. GYF’s cultural based environmental education programing engages children from local communities and exposes them to healthy lifestyle choices in order to create an overall healthy community. GYF believes that youth and young adults from diverse backgrounds can greatly benefit from the career opportunities presented within the state and federal land management sectors. Accordingly, GYF continues to develop and strengthen partnerships with land management agencies to provide service and internship opportunities for youth and young adults thereby creating pathways to conservation careers.

Angelou Ezeilo is the Founder and CEO of GYF. She is a graduate of Spelman College, Georgia. She received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Florida, College of Law. After a brief stint of practicing law, it was through her work as a Legal Specialist for the New Jersey State Agriculture and Development Committee that Angelou embarked upon a career as an environmentalist. As a Project Manager for the Trust for Public Land (TPL), Angelou acquired land for preservation. While at TPL, Angelou realized the disconnect between the land that was being preserved and the education of people about that preservation—particularly as it related to our next generation. This was the impetus for the Greening Youth Foundation.

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