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DJL + LOC Artist-in-Residence Program


Presenting the Downs-Jones Library Artist-in-Residence Program!
Visit the Exhibit Now at!
Photograph of an art exhibit in the library. Multimedia artworks are displayed on easels surrounding a central table. 
About the Program

The Downs-Jones Library at Huston-Tillotson University launched a new Artist-in-Residence Program for Fall 2022. The program aimed to offer HT undergraduates a chance to use their creative skills to produce and showcase their work in public and digital spaces with the support of the Downs-Jones Library staff.

The objectives of the program were to emphasize the ongoing legacies of African American culture and education in the United States and to empower HT students to freely recreate literature, art, dance, and/or fashion. Students’ work reflected the work of influential figures recognized from the decades of the arts, music, and entertainment known as the Harlem Renaissance.

Students were also encouraged to depict day-to-day landscapes and atmospheres that existed in the 1920s and 1930s and recreate them with a modern-day presentation.

Students were invited to recreate material(s) chosen from the Library of Congress’ digital collections. They were also encouraged to use materials from HT’s archive. Artists made selections from one or two pieces from the collections that inspire them. They recreated or adapted a format of their choice and provided a multimedia-driven narrative around their work.

The final projects linked the chosen items, content areas, and the artist’s perspective. Finally, the artists’ work is being presented on campus to the local community, as well as in an online exhibit.


Visit the Exhibit at!

  • Open to all HT Undergraduates

    • Deadline to Apply: CLOSED
    • Finalists will be notified by email before October 1st
  • Fall 2022 (September – December)
  • PAID! $1,000 stipend
  • Fully funded trip to Washington, DC and the Library of Congress
  • Artists’ work will be shown in an on-campus and online exhibit
  • Includes
    • Software access
    • Use of camcorders, green screens, recording booth
    • Library work space
    • Creative process guide
Suggested Artworks:

  • Manuscripts
  • Dance Performance
  • Photographs
  • Correspondence
  • Sound Recordings
  • Playscript
  • Novellas
  • Music Scores
  • Poetry
  • Visual Art
  • Documentary/Short Film
Digital Resources from the Library of Congress

  Resources from the Downs-Jones Library

  • Photographs
  • Samuel Huston College and Tillotson College Student Newsletters
  • Samuel Huston College and Tillotson College Yearbooks
The Downs-Jones Library Artists-in-Residence Program is generously supported in part by the Library of Congress.


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