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College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Mathematics

The Mathematics Program:

  1. Provides challenging experiences in Mathematics, Physics, and Physical Science, which prepare graduates to pursue additional study in graduate, medical/dental, and other professional schools.
  2. Provides opportunities for all students to develop quantitative and problem- solving skills.
  3. Provides experiences that enable graduates to find employment in science- related careers.
  4. Provides opportunities for majors to complete a cooperative education experience in their disciplines.


  1. To improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills of all students.
  2. To prepare department majors for medical/dental, graduate, and professional schools.
  3. To provide quality general education courses that produce students with skills required for successful careers.

Specific Competencies/Skills

  1. Knowledge of the major concepts in Physics, Physical Science, and Mathematics.
  2. Proficiency in scientific writing, oral and visual presentations, and computer applications.
  3. Proficiency in data analysis and statistical procedures.
  4. Application of research techniques.
  5. Proficiency in using equipment and technology in areas of the major field



Math Lab Brochure



Dr. Farzana Hussain 

    Associate Professor and Chair

    Department of Mathematics

    Office: Dick ey-Lawless Room 104D

    Phone: 512.505.3108



Dr. Hussain has 23 years of academic experience and has expertise in both in pure and applied mathematics. Her teaching experience includes courses in College Algebra, Introductory Statistics, Calculus, Number Theory, Numerical Techniques, Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, General Topology. Her research field includes Dynamic meteorology, Numerical Analysis and Partial differential equations. She has 15 research papers published in different local and international journals.

Farzana Hussain completed her B.Sc, M.Sc. in Mathematics from Shahjalal University of science and technology, Bangladesh which one of the highest ranking universities in Bangladesh. She completed her Ph.D. in Applied mathematics from Shahjalal University of science and technology in the field of Finite Element.

Dr. Hussain is also certified in Teaching math for grades 6 to 12, Quality Matters Rubrics, and also the recipient of the “Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics” (CURM) Mini-Grant for 2020-2021. She is also awarded as a Golden Apple Teacher in 2020 and involved in Apple CAIT2 coding academy program.


Dr. Ahmad Kamalvand 

    Professor of Mathematics

    Office: Dick ey-Lawless Room 104C

    Phone: 512.505.3111


Dr. Kamalvand has 39 years of academic experience and has expertise in mathematics, computer science and engineering. His mathematics teaching experience includes courses in Numerical Techniques, Discrete Mathematics, Advanced Statistics, Differential Equations, and Elementary and Advanced Calculus. In computer science he has taught courses in C, C++, Assembly Language and Data Structures. Dr. Kamalvand has taught courses in Engineering Statistics and Dynamic Systems. He possesses expertise in Multivariate Statistical Analysis, and in his research has used Multivariate Linear Regression, Multivariate Logistic Regression and Multivariate Analysis of Variance. Dr. Kamalvand was the principal investigator from 2002-2004 for various formulations of the Kalman filter and Condensation Algorithm for Missile Defense Agency (MDA). He received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Austin.


Eileen Slaton

  Instructor of Mathematics

  Office: Dickey-Lawless Room 104E


  Phone: 512.505.3113


I grew up in West Columbia, Texas, about one hour south east of Houston. I graduated from Columbia High School in 1992. I began my college studies by living at home and commuting to Wharton County Junior College every day for two years. From there, I transferred to Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos.  In May of 1997, I graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics, majoring in mathematics, and minoring in English. I also earned a Lifetime Teaching Certificate in grades 6 to 12 for math.  I continued my higher education at Southwest Texas State University, receiving my M. Ed., with a major in mathematics and a minor in education, in December of 1998. Throughout my college years, I tutored in the math lab center at Southwest Texas State University as well as Sylvan Learning Center. I began my teaching career with student teaching in 1997. I have taught 15 years at the high school level in the following school districts in Texas: San Marcos, Austin, Pflugerville, and Leander.  In 2012, I began teaching at the collegiate level. Throughout the last 9 years, I have taught at Strayer University, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin Community College, and Huston Tillotson University.

Altogether I have been teaching and tutoring math for close to 22 years and love what I do! I believe every student can do mathematics. With each unique individual student, I look forward to encouraging their future success through any means possible on my part.

I am married to my husband, Wayne, and have two daughters, Ellie and Elena. We live in Leander, northwest of Austin. I enjoy cooking and gardening, trying new recipes, swimming, biking, running, and most of all EATING CHOCOALATE!


Dr. Engin Topkara

Office: Dickey-Lawless Room 104B

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics

Phone: 512.505.6437


Dickey-Lawless Room 104B


Hoda Tavakoli

Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

Office: Dickey-Lawless Room no 111B


Phone: 512.505.3143


Mrs. Hoda Tavakoli has 16 years of experience teaching and tutoring mathematics. Her teaching experience includes both basic and advanced levels of mathematics.  Her passion is teaching!  Mrs. Tavakoli’s students recognize her as a very patient and caring professor who makes math so simple.  Hoda is a true example of a “student center” professor and does her best to help each of her students overcome their math anxiety, grow to their full potential, and succeed in her classes. In addition, Mrs. Tavakoli is a Quality Matters certified faculty, recipient of the “Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics” (CURM) Mini-Grant for 2020-2021, “PIT-UN Social Justice Informatics Faculty Fellow” 2021, and a certified Equity-Minded instructor.

In a simple word, professor Tavakoli believes in the ability of each of her students, helps her students to grow their math mindset, and equipped them with the right strategies to succeed in any math courses. She looks forward to having you in her class!


Ms. Rebecca Lawrence

Instructor of Mathematics

Office: Dickey-Lawless Room no 111A

Phone: 512-505-3104



I graduated from Texas State University with a Master’s in Math Education in 2002. Since then, I have enjoyed teaching at a variety of High School and University campuses including here at Huston-Tillotson University. Although I have only just begun teaching at Huston-Tillotson University, I have been teaching math for over 20 years. My goal is to continue in the development of students in the areas of math via established curriculums and innovative methods at the University level. Here at Huston-Tillotson University, I can do this alongside a team that shares a similar devotion.


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