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Department of English

Professional Writing

Requirements for a Minor in Professional Writing

The Professional Writing Minor is an interdisciplinary and designed to complement a wide variety of majors, including Business, History, Computer Science, Communication Arts, Political Science, Psychology, Natural Sciences, and Sociology.

Students pursuing a Minor in Professional Writing must complete at least 18 semester hours of coursework.

3 hours ENGL 3353 Advanced Composition (or approved substitute for English majors)

3 hours ENGL 3393 Technical Writing

3 hours ENGL 3327 Topics in Creative Writing

9 hours approved electives:

BUSI 2301 Business Communications

COMM 4340 Topics in Journalism Writing and Editing

COSC 1324 Web Site Design and Maintenance

ENGL 1304 Introduction to Creative Writing

ENGL 2353 Professional Writing Technologies

ENGL 3323 Teaching Writing

ENGL 3327 Topics in Creative Writing, different topic if taken for major

ENGL 3333 Layout and Design

ENGL 3363 Advanced Rhetoric and Argumentation

ENGL 4301 Editing and Magazine

ENGL 4353 when special topic is in Writing (requires approval of the English advisor)