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College of Arts and Sciences

Texas HBCU Conference

Community-Centered Public Policy, Civically Engaged Higher Education Institutions and the HBCU: A Conference of Texas HBCUs

Conference Description

Faculty, staff, and students of Huston-Tillotson University with community partners in a spirit of collaboration are reaching out. We seek partners among our sister HBCUs in Texas and all people and organizations of goodwill who wish to work together to address community needs in Texas, including state higher education funding of Texas HBCUs.

The process starts in conversation. Thus, we invite you to our campus this fall for a two-day conference Friday-Satuday, October 29-30. The conference will explore disciplinary perspectives that provide resources for common effort and strategies for reaching out.

We welcome your contributions. We look forward to working together. For more information email HBCU Conference Planning, contact Dr. Robert Ceresa, Huston-Tillotson University Associate Professor of Political Science, at

Conference Overview

Conference Submission Proposal Form