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College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Mathematics

The Mathematics Program:

  1. Provides challenging experiences in Mathematics, Physics, and Physical Science, which prepare graduates to pursue additional study in graduate, medical/dental, and other professional schools.
  2. Provides opportunities for all students to develop quantitative and problem- solving skills.
  3. Provides experiences that enable graduates to find employment in science- related careers.
  4. Provides opportunities for majors to complete a cooperative education experience in their disciplines.


  1. To improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills of all students.
  2. To prepare department majors for medical/dental, graduate, and professional schools.
  3. To provide quality general education courses that produce students with skills required for successful careers.

Specific Competencies/Skills

  1. Knowledge of the major concepts in Physics, Physical Science, and Mathematics.
  2. Proficiency in scientific writing, oral and visual presentations, and computer applications.
  3. Proficiency in data analysis and statistical procedures.
  4. Application of research techniques.
  5. Proficiency in using equipment and technology in areas of the major field


Page First Last Role Telephone Email Office
Link Dr. Ahmad Kamalvand Department Chair of Mathematics/Professor of Mathematics 512.505.3111 D-L 104C
Link Dr. Farzana Hussain Assistant Professor of Mathematics 512.505.3108 DL 302A
Link Mrs. Hoda Tavkoli Instructor of Mathematics 512.505.3143 DL 104D