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Office of Institutional Planning, Research and Assessment

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Office of Institutional Planning, Research, and Assessment

National Center for Education Statistics

New NCES ReportPersistence and Attainment of 2003-04 Beginning Postsecondary Students: After Three Years – Friday, August 24, 2007

This report provides a brief description of the persistence and degree attainment of a nationally representative sample of students who began postsecondary education for the first time in the 2003-04 academic year. The report provides a first look at the experience of these students over three academic years, from July 2003 to June 2006, and provides information about rates of program completion, transfer, and attrition for students who first enrolled at various types of postsecondary institutions using data from the 2004/06 Beginning Postsecondary Students Longitudinal Study (BPS:04/06).


NCES StatisticsAcademic Pathways, Preparation, and Performance


NCES Report on Graduation RatesPlacing College Graduation Rates in Context: How 4-Year College Graduation Rates Vary With Selectivity and the Size of Low-Income Enrollment


NCES ReportWhere Are They Now? A Description of 1992-93 Bachelor’s Degree Recipients 10 Years Later

Using data from the 2003 Baccalaureate and Beyond Longitudinal Study (B&B:93/03), this report provides an overview of the status of 1992–93 college graduates 10 years after graduation. The report presents highlights of these college graduates’ lives in 2003 in five areas—education after the bachelor’s degree, labor force participation, opinions about their undergraduate education, family status, and civic participation.


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