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Office of Institutional Planning, Research and Assessment

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The OIPRA office offers a streamlined process for your institutional survey needs!

Have an event and you would like to hear participant feedback? Wish to gather some data for your assessment plan? Interested in student/staff/faculty feedback on a current service or future initiative? — then we can help you do that! Please fell free to fill out the form below and send it to our office and we can get you started!

OIPRA Survey Request form





The Core Curriculum Committee is currently updating rubrics to address each of our 4 Core Competencies. Some competencies have more than one rubric so as to address specific aspects of it (e.g., written vs. oral vs. visual communication).

Download HT’s Core Competencies rubrics – PDF (Coming Soon)

Other rubrics are available across the internet for program student learning outcomes and general education. Some useful sites include:

  1. iRubric (link:
  2. Rubistar (link:
  3. VALUE rubrics (link:


High-Impact Practices

The American Association of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) has outlined a set of teaching and learning practices whose positive impact on students has been established by educational research.

To learn more about AAC&U’s 11 High-Impact Practices << Click here