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Safe and Healthy Rams

Routine COVID-19 Testing

Routine COVID-19 testing will continue through the Spring semester. Testing is free and open to everyone on campus. Testing helps us monitor and respond to COVID-19 cases, which can contribute to slowing the spread of the virus. With the presence of the Omicron variant, we recommend that those not part of routine testing consider weekly testing as well.

Per our campus reactivation protocols, all students and employees who are not fully vaccinated will undergo routine weekly COVID-19 PCR-based testing. A negative PCR test result must be uploaded into the HT Ram Check app by Sunday night each week to remain cleared for campus.

Curative Testing

Free on-campus testing available M-F, 8 am-6 pm. Located in the Chalmers Parking Lot.

Additional local testing resources

You can find local testing sites here:

City sites are seeing increased demand, but you can save time by registering online for your COVID-19 test at

City testing sites include:
George Morales Dove Springs Recreation Center (Walk-In Site)
5801 Ainez Dr, Austin, Texas 78744
Tuesday–Saturday 8 a.m.–2 p.m.

Travis County Exposition Center (Drive-Through Site)
7311 Decker Lane, Austin, Texas 78724
Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–2 p.m.

Please contact the Safe and Healthy Rams Office if you have any questions at 512.505.3019 or at


Frequently Asked Questions: Routine Testing

Who is required to get tested weekly?

  • Anyone who is not fully vaccinated.
    • Fully vaccinated is defined as two weeks past the final shot in the primary series (two shots for Pfizer and Moderna, one shot for Johnson & Johnson).
  • Anyone who has submitted an exemption form.
  • Anyone who has not submitted a vaccination record nor an exemption form.
  • All student athletes, regardless of vaccination or exemption status.

Weekly testing is required until an individual is fully vaccinated (two weeks past their final vaccination dose). Once an individual is fully vaccinated, they do not need to participate in weekly testing, unless they are identified as probable or suspect case regardless of vaccination status or a student athlete.


Who is NOT required to get tested weekly?

  • Anyone who is fully vaccinated AND has submitted their vaccination record to (students) or through Paycom (employees). You will be required to test weekly until your vaccination record is confirmed.
    • Fully vaccinated student athletes are still required to be tested weekly.
  • Anyone who has had a confirmed positive PCR-based test result in the last 90 days. Weekly testing resumes after 90 days.
  • Anyone in quarantine or isolation
    • Those under quarantine or in isolation will be tested according to the protocols pertaining to their exposure or infection date and symptom pattern.


What is required?

For anyone required to test, to stay CLEARED for campus:

  1. Get a PCR test every week.
  2. Upload the test result into the HT Ram Check app by Monday every week.
  3. Continue to fill out the Daily Health Screener before accessing campus each day.
  4. Report positive test results immediately by uploading them on HT Ram Check and isolate yourself immediately. The Safe and Healthy Rams Coordinator will follow up with you.
    • Employees must send confirmation immediately of any positive COVID-19 test results to


How do I get tested?

Testing is offered at no cost. ID is required.

  • Curative Kiosk (walk-ins and appointments) – Chalmers Parking Lot

    • Monday-Friday, 8 am-6 pm
    • Register at or via QR code seen above
  • Davage-Durden Student Union: (no appointment needed)

    • Tuesdays, 1-5 pm
    • Wednesdays, 8:30-10:30 am
  • CommUnityCare:
    • No appointment needed:
      • Monday, 1-5 pm
      • Tuesday, 8 am-12 pm, 1-5 pm
    • Appointment recommended outside of those times
  • Any PCR testing site of your choosing.

Weekly testing is required until an individual is fully vaccinated. Once you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to participate in weekly testing, unless identified as probable or suspect case regardless of vaccination status, or you are a student athlete.


How to upload your Test Results into HT Ram Check

  • Click on the COVID-19 Test Reporting section of the app
  • Click “Yes” you were tested
  • Read the instructions and click “Next”
  • Take a picture or upload a file into the app.

All test results uploaded to the app will be verified. Once the results are checked, you will be CLEARED for campus if your result was negative. You will continue to complete the Daily Health Screener as well each day. If your result was positive, you are NOT CLEARED for campus, and will be contacted by the Safe and Healthy Rams Coordinator to determine your next steps. You will not be allowed to come to campus or participate in campus activities while you are NOT CLEARED.


What happens if?

If you do not upload a test result each week

If you are required to be tested weekly and do not upload test results by Monday each week, you will be OUT OF COMPLIANCE for campus in the HT Ram Check app. You will to get tested and upload a negative PCR test result, which will then be verified, before you are back in compliance and have clear campus access.

Once a negative test result is uploaded through the app, it will be verified, and then you will be CLEARED for campus.


If you test positive

If you receive a positive COVID-19 test result, report the test result immediately on HT Ram Check. You may also send the results to Employees must send immediate confirmation to as well. Leave campus or return to your residence hall room to isolate yourself immediately. The Safe and Healthy Rams Coordinator will follow up with you.


If you experience symptoms or are a close contact with a known COVID case

If you get sick or are a close contact to someone with COVID, report those situations to HT Ram Check, and the Safe and Healthy Rams Coordinator will follow up with you.

NOTE: If you are a case in isolation, a contact in quarantine, or if for any other reason you are NOT CLEARED to come to campus, you must wait until the Safe and Healthy Rams Coordinator clears you, and your campus pass is GREEN in order to return to campus and campus activities.


Why get vaccinated?

Getting vaccinated is the best shot we have at keeping ourselves and others around us safe.​ It is all of our responsibility to keep the campus community safe and healthy. With the Delta Variant it is now more urgent than ever to get vaccinated! If we come together as a community, we will be protecting each other and be one step closer to putting this pandemic in the past. The vaccines are all safe and effective including against the Delta Variant.

  • Preliminary data shows 99.5% of COVID-related deaths in Texas were among unvaccinated people, according to the Department of State Health Services.​
  • The Pfizer vaccine was 88% effective at preventing symptomatic disease from Delta in a study done by Public Health England.​
  • A study conducted in Israel demonstrated that the two-dose Pfizer vaccine is 88% effective at preventing hospitalization and 91% effective at preventing severe COVID-19 caused by the Delta variant.

It’s important to remember that there is NOT a single vaccine that exists that is 100% effective at preventing any illness, and that applies for the COVID-19 vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine will help prevent severe symptoms, hospitalizations, and death.​


Still have questions?

Check out the Routine Testing Frequently Asked Questions page, and for more information or if you have questions, please visit our Safe & Healthy Rams webpage or reach out to the Safe & Healthy Rams Office at, 512.505.3019.