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Safe and Healthy Rams

HT Ram Check & Daily Healthy Screening

HT Ram Check

A part of our campus reactivation strategy is the use of the HT Ram Check mobile application. This strategy includes a self-reported daily health screening, COVID-19 routine testing monitoring, and contact tracing.


This app will also be used to report ​close contact with COVID-19 cases, upload COVID-19 test results, and receive notifications and important updates, including notifications when you could have potentially been exposed to the virus without knowing.


Download the app

The app is free and available in the Apple Store and the Google Play store.

Apple Store for Apple devices (iPhones and iPads)
Google Play Store for Android devices

Spring Safe Healthy Rams campus access

  • GREEN  pass is for individuals who are cleared for ALL campus activities.
  • YELLOW pass is for individuals who are OUT OF COMPLIANCE with campus protocols for one of two reasons. If you are out of compliance, you are required to take action to be cleared for campus.
    1. No vaccination record or exemption on file – Send your COVID vaccination record or notarized exemption to and
    2. Out of date routine testing – if you are a part of Routine Testing and have not uploaded a negative PCR-based test result to the app from the last 7 days, you are out of compliance. Get tested and upload a test result as soon as possible to be cleared for campus. As in the Fall semester, everyone unvaccinated or partially vaccinated and all student athletes are part of routine testing.
  • RED pass is for individuals who are NOT cleared for campus access.

CLEARED for campus

You are cleared for all campus activities.



You are out of compliance with campus protocols. Please submit a vaccination record or notarized exemption, or a PCR-based test result.

NOT CLEARED for campus

You are NOT cleared for campus access.



Web Access

For registered users (those with an email address) who do not have access to a mobile device, the Daily Healthy Screening form can be accessed here:

Campus PassDaily Healthy Check Form