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Enrollment Management



The Program

The curriculum of the University is approved by the Texas Workforce Commission for the education of eligible veterans, active duty personnel, and eligible dependents of veterans.  The Veterans Administration (VA) requires that each veteran receiving educational benefits be enrolled for courses, which lead to a degree.  A veteran may not receive benefits for courses, which he/she has already received, credit, for courses, which are in excess of degree requirements, or for courses that do apply toward a planned degree.

The Office of Records and Registration of the University, who is the certifying official, should be advised when VA certification for enrollment is needed.  The student must report to the certifying official each semester for certification or when initiating any change in enrollment status.

What is Needed

Those veterans who have not received benefits before should complete a VA Form 22-1990 – Application for VA Benefits, provide a copy of your DD214, and supporting documents for any dependents you wish to claim.

Those dependents who are applying for benefits for the first time must complete a VA Form22-5490 – Application for VA benefits – Son or Daughter.

Any veteran or dependent who has received benefits at another institution must complete VA Form 22-1995 –  Request to Change Program or Place of Training and provide official copies of your transcript.

A VA Form 22-1999 – Enrollment Certification will be sent of VA each semester indicating the training time for each veteran or dependent.

Any reduction in training time (full time to three-fourths, full time to half time) will result in a VA Form 22-1990b being sent to VA so that benefits can be adjusted accordingly.


Veteran’s Assistance (Post 9/11 And Other VA Benefits)

New GI Bill® Benefits

If you were on active duty on or after September 11, 2001, you now have a new option to help pay for your education.

Effective August 1, 2009, the new GI Bill® benefits are available to eligible military service members: (The benefits may be transferred to your dependent children).

1. Tuition and fees are covered up to the most expensive public school tuition and fees;

2. A monthly housing allowance of $1,240.00; and

3. A stipend for books and supplies up to $1,000.00 per year.

Traditional VA Benefits

If you are not approved to receive VA benefits from the new Post 9/11 program, you may still be eligible to receive benefits from the traditional VA programs. The most common are Chapter 30, Chapter 31 and Chapter 34/30.



Monthly VA Payment Amounts

Click here to view monthly VA payment amounts. (See Attached PDF)

VA Online Application

Click here to complete the online VA application.

Please do not forget to give a copy of your DD214 to the Office of Records and Registration. The Office of Records and Registration is located in Agard-Lovinggood, 2nd floor.