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Safe and Healthy Rams

Safe and Healthy Rams

Learn what Huston-Tillotson University is doing as we work to reactivate campus during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how you can help keep yourself, and your family and friends, safe and healthy.

We are taking a proactive, science-based approach to reactivating campus and curbing the spread of COVID-19. Together, we resolve to protect ourselves, our community, and the greater good.


COVID-19 Vaccination and Boosters Information

What You Need to Know about staying up to date on COVID vaccination



COVID-19 testing

Information on COVID-19 testing resources available in the Austin area can be found here, including no-cost and no-insurance options through Austin Public Health.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

#HTVaxUp – Information on COVID-19 vaccination

Guiding Principles

  • Masks are optional for all in indoor common spaces. Masks are always recommended for unvaccinated individuals or those with conditions such as immunosuppression that may make vaccination less protective.
  • Please contact our Safe & Healthy Rams office at or 512.505.6479 with any questions.
  • Information on COVID-19 testing near campus can be found here.


Safe and Healthy Rams Standards


Masks are always strongly recommended for unvaccinated individuals or those with conditions such as immunosuppression that may make vaccination less protective.

Mask are optional in all common spaces on campus. Masks are always recommended for individuals who have been sick, near sick individuals, or those with conditions such as immunosuppression that may make vaccination less protective.

Classroom mask use will be determined by individual faculty members. Faculty may decide to require masks or make masks optional based on faculty and student needs. Students may request masking in class by making a private request to the faculty member. No individual’s private health information will be disclosed when the mask requirement is communicated to class.

Individual office mask use will be determined by the individual whose office is being entered. The individual entering may request that the occupant wear a mask when entering a private office space as well. Individuals should inquire proactively.

Additionally, HEPA air purifiers are operating on the high setting in all occupied classrooms.


Mental Health and Wellness

Due to the rise in self-reported mental health issues including anxiety, sleeplessness, and difficulty focusing during the pandemic’s isolation and forced inactivity, HT campus mental health services will proactively implement programs to support our campus community.


Campus Entry

Campus entry is limited to the main entrance gate at 900 Chicon St and the west gate on Chalmers Ave. These will be the only gates used to enter and exit the campus until further notice. The north campus gate at 11th St will be closed until further notice.

All visitors must register and obtain a visitor’s pass and adhere to on-campus safety guidelines. This will allow an officer to identify visitors who have checked in with officers quickly.



Contract Tracing, Isolation, and Quarantine

When a member of our campus community (student, faculty, staff member) tests positive for the virus, it is critical that the university trace the contacts they have had with others to limit the spread of the virus.

If you or someone you are in contact with becomes symptomatic or concerned about COVID-19 exposure:

  • Stay home. Do not visit the campus or public places.
  • Get Screened: Call (do not visit) your healthcare provider to get screened:
  • Follow the instructions of your local health care provider.

Source: “Symptoms of COVID-19” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Students, faculty and staff who have a confirmed case of COVID-19 will be required to be in isolation or quarantine as appropriate for the recommended number of days or until symptoms subside.

Isolation separates and restricts the movement of those with a contagious disease from those who are not sick.
Quarantine separates and restricts the movement of those who have been exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick.


Hygiene Practices, Cleaning/Disinfecting Protocols 

Your safety and building cleanliness are very important at HT. Custodial staff will follow cleaning and disinfection protocols as directed for all areas of the HT campus. Custodial staff will clean classrooms, core areas, and common spaces on a daily basis. During hours when classes and other events are being held, housekeeping staff will perform additional cleaning and disinfection as needed. Cleaning and disinfecting supplies will be provided throughout campus, and faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to disinfect their personal space within classrooms and teaching laboratories before and after use. Disinfection includes wiping down commonly touched surfaces with a disinfectant while wearing personal protective equipment recommended for the type of disinfectant used.


Rapid COVID-19 tests may be available upon request. Please inquire with faculty or staff who have tests on hand. Testing is encouraged to identify COVID-19 cases early, and isolate and quarantine individuals as needed to help prevent spread.



Vaccination plus booster shots are highly encouraged. We will have on-campus COVID-19 vaccination clinics that will be open to all HT faculty, staff, students, alumni and their family members. More information on vaccine availability in the Austin area can be found here.

View the recorded panel discussion on the pandemic vaccine rollout from February 2021.


Answering Questions Dispelling Myths Telling Truths Pandemic Vaccine Roll Out in the African American Community Monday, February 1, 2021 | 6 p.m.


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