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Student Life

Religious Life


         Welcome to Religious Life and Campus Ministry (RLCM) on the Huston-Tillotson University campus. At Huston-Tillotson University we are a diverse people from diverse backgrounds; therefore, we seek to minister on the HT campus in the spirit of ecumenism rooted in God’s love.

         Huston-Tillotson University is a church-related institution affiliated with The United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ. We are an institution built on Christian principles and we proudly affirm the tradition on which we stand. We, in the spirit of ecumenism, affirm the faith practice of other religious traditions and willfully explore with others the place of God in our lives and our world. As we explore the diverse religious and spiritual practices of the world, we do so celebrating our commonness and respecting our differences as we seek to produce a world likened unto heaven.

       The role of Religious Life and Campus Ministry is to aid the student in the growth process as we at Huston-Tillotson University seek to develop the student from a holistic perspective, that is, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Ours is not to proselytize but to meet students where they are and gently invite them to grow. If you like meeting great people, if you enjoy fellowshipping with others desiring to share their faith, if you appreciate being challenged in your life’s journey or just having ‘good ole wholesome fun’, get involved with Religious Life and Campus Ministry.