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Center for Academic Excellence

Student Success Workshops

Student Success Workshops

The Center for Academic Excellence is excited to continue hosting the Student Success Workshop Series this spring! These workshops are designed to provide students with strategies for improving important skills to support them on their pathway to success. These skills include organization, note-taking, developing effective relationships, and more!

This workshop series will be running every Wednesday at 12:00pm in the Jackson-Moody Building, Room 102.

Calendar of Events

Fall 2020  Student Success Workshops
Spring 2020 Student Success Workshops
Fall 2021 Student Success Workshops


Spring 2022 Student Success Workshops

Developing a Success Strategy
Date: Wednesday, January 26th, 12:00pm
Description: Are you looking for ways to be successful this semester? This workshop will give you some ideas on what you can do now to achieve success. Topics will include note-taking skills, listening skills, developing a reading strategy, test preparation tips, time management tips, and personal well-being information.
Host: The Center for Academic Excellence


The Revision Process: How To Revise & Edit Your Writing
Date: Wednesday, February 9th, 12:00pm
Description: Does the thought of writing a research paper or essay get you down? This workshop will help you through the steps of choosing a topic, where to go to complete the research, and writing the final draft.
Host: The Writers’ Studio


Exam Preparation Tips & Test-taking Strategies
Date: Wednesday, February 23rd, at 12:00pm
Description: Do you feel stressed at the thought of an upcoming test? Learn some techniques to help you stay calm and confident. You will also learn some test-taking strategies to help you better prepare for your tests.
Host: The Center for Academic Excellence


Understanding & Avoiding Plagiarism
Date: Wednesday, March 16th, 12:00pm
Description: Have you ever used sources in your research paper or essay and forgot to cite them? This workshop will provide tips and strategies to help you understand and avoid plagiarism.
Host: The Writers’ Studio


Study Tips & Note-Taking Strategies in Math
Date: Wednesday, March 23rd, 12:00pm
Description: This workshop will focus on giving you an introduction to some basic study techniques. The techniques that you will learn about are listening skills, note-taking skills, how to develop a reading strategy, study tips, test preparation tips, and test-taking strategies.
Host: The Math Center


How Your Personality Style May Impact Your Academic Success?
Date: Wednesday, March 30th, 12:00pm
Description: This workshop will help you to assess your personality style and how this may impact your academic success.
Host: The Center for Academic Excellence


Strategies for Remembering What You Read
Date: Wednesday, April 6th, 12:00pm
Description: Are you having difficulty understanding and retaining the information you read? This workshop will go over some ideas on how to get more out of your reading assignments. You will learn some techniques you can do before you start reading that will help in your understanding of the material. You will also learn techniques to help recall the information you have read.
Host: The Writers’ Studio


Mindfulness: – Tips for Time Management
Date: Wednesday, March 23rd, 12:00pm
Description: Do you have too much to do and not enough time to complete everything? This workshop will help you manage your time using various tools and time organization strategies.
Host: The Center for Academic Excellence


For more information on Student Success Workshops, please contact the Center for Academic Excellence at