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Alternative Teacher Certification Program

Campus Mentors

Dear Mentor:

Welcome to the HT ATCP. Your role as a mentor to one of our interns is of the utmost importance to the success of the new teacher, not only during this induction year but in the years to come as the new teacher develops into an experienced, proficient, and effective professional educator. The importance of mentoring during the first year in the classroom has been determined by study after study. The most commonly cited goals of mentoring include the following:
 to improve teaching performance,
 to increase the retention of promising teachers,
 to promote professional and personal well being, and
 to satisfy mandated requirements.

It is during the first year when most beginners come to grips with the reality of the “classroom” as a different world. Because the beginner is expected to undertake the same load as the seasoned veteran, it is critical that his/her personal and professional needs be addressed. Therefore, the beginner must be given the institution’s basic information to foster adequate functioning and a sense of belonging. This is not to
intimate that poor practice should not be cited and corrected, rather it is to suggest that initial and continued support be aimed at improving practice and providing for professional growth. Mentoring cannot be or be perceived as a “feel-good” program. Mentoring’s emphasis must focus on both instructor practice and professional growth.


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