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HT Writers’ Studio


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The Writers’ Studio is a place where all HT students can come to receive support and guidance at any stage of any writing project, whether it be academic, professional, or creative.

We know that at Huston-Tillotson University we are educating future leaders who must be able to communicate effectively. Whatever your field of study or career goals, written communication skills are essential to your success. We’re here to help you accomplish your goals. 

The HT Writers’ Studio invites all student writers to bring any writing project for a consultation with a trained peer or professional writing consultant. Any student writer may bring any type of writing project at any stage of the writing process.


Writing Consultations

Most sessions last about thirty to forty five minutes. For best results, bring in the assignment sheet and whatever other materials that might accompany the assignment along with your most recent draft (if you have one). Depending on the students particular needs, we may not be able to cover every aspect of a writing project in one session. However, you may bring the same writing project back for another session on another day, at least a day before the assignment is due.

Walk-ins are welcome; appointments are encouraged, especially during peak times. The staff schedule is posted outside the Writers’ Studio J-M 103. Our email is linked here: The Writers’ Studio.

As always, student writers are also welcome to use the lab between classes to work independently on their projects.

Note: We are not an editing or proofreading service, but we will help you learn to edit and proofread your own work, and we will give you feedback and share with you strategies to help you strengthen your writing skills.



Elements of an Effective Writing Assignment Prezi

(Access the handout via the link on the “Works Cited” slide)


Presentations (for Faculty and Staff):

The Writers’ Studio offers class presentations that can be requested by instructors. Here are the descriptions of the presentations we are currently prepared to offer:


Introduction to the Writers’ Studio (approx. 10 minutes)

This presentation informs the audience about the services offered in the Writers’ Studio and describes our one-on-one writing consultations and the benefits of receiving support and guidance from our peer writing consultants.


Avoiding Plagiarism (10-15 minutes)

The “Avoiding Plagiarism” presentation explores the definition plagiarism and several of its common causes, while also giving students tips and techniques to help avoid plagiarizing someone else’s work.


Common Errors in the Writers’ Studio (40-50 minutes)

The “Common Errors in the Writers’ Studio” interactive presentation, created from a poll of the PWC’s (Peer Writing Consultants) who work in the Writers’ Studio, covers the most common grammatical and syntactical errors that PWC’s see during their writing consultations, including sentence fragments, comma splices, run-ons, commonly confused words, and more. This presentation is a great way to help students prepare to review their own work and/or the work of a peer.


Writing in Process (40-50 minutes)

The “Writing in Process” interactive presentation illustrates some effective ways to view the writing process, while also providing students with time and support as they engage with the writing process within the context of a particular class and/or assignment.


Guided Peer Review (45-70 minutes)

This interactive class presentation consists of  a brief discussion on the peer review process. The rest of the presentation time allows for the peer writing consultant(s) to be on hand to guide and support students as they peer review their classmates’ essays/reports/paper.


Argumentative Triangle  (45-60 minutes)

Developing scholars are often great at making observations, but are sometimes confused about making a claim, or articulating their analysis of their observation(s). The premise of this interactive presentation is to help students more fully understand the components of an argument and can be customized to help students develop their thesis and research questions for a particular assignment within the requesting course.


If you are interested in requesting one, or more, of the above presentations, please click Request a Presentation.

Please submit your requests at least one week prior to the date of the requested presentation. We prefer that the instructor be present during the requested presentation(s).


About the Writers’ Studio

The Writers’ Studio provides a support center for the Huston-Tillotson University Comprehensive Writing and Communication Programs, but is open to all students.

In addition to tutoring services, the Writers’ Studio located in Jackson-Moody 103 provides support for student publishing, including software for video editing and publishing for print or web.


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The HT Writers’ Studio now has a page on Facebook. The page includes general information, our hours, and announcements for upcoming happenings and events. See the “Notes” section of our Facebook page for links to helpful writing resources. Click on the above image to visit our Facebook page.

HT Literary Journal

The Writers’ Studio supports student publications, including the Literature and Art Journal, 900 Chicon.

900 Chicon