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Facility Reservations

Facility Photos and Inventory

Facility Photos

Click any of the photos below to see the name and larger image of the facility available for use.

Ideal Spaces

Davage-Durden Student Union
Outdoor Set Up Davage-Durden Student Union Patio


Facility Rental Inventory

The University inventory of tables and chairs included in your facility rental, if ordered, is listed below. The rental party is responsible for contacting a rental company to secure additional tables and chairs at the renter’s expense, if inventory is needed beyond the items listed.
Type Quantity Size Color
Folding Chairs 90 Tan
Padded 15 Tan
Padded 35 Black
Rectangular Tables
2 4 foot Wood Grain
10 6 foot Wood Grain
5 6 foot Off White
5 8 foot Wood Grain
18 8 foot Off White
5 10 foot Off White
Round Tables
11 Rounds of 10 Wood Grain
9 Rounds of 8 Wood Grain
Table cloths, not provided by the University, are needed for all tables, especially wood grain tables.