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Boldly B.L.U.E. Birthing, Learning, Understanding, Empowering

Boldly B.L.U.E. Birthing, Learning, Understanding, Empowering

Boldly B.L.U.E. is a collaborative initiative to increase the number of culturally-aligned doulas, midwives, and certified lactation consultants in Central Texas while building a maternal health research network that leverages the insights of connected and empowered birth workers and their clients to derive best practices and policy insights.

An innovative collaboration Huston-Tillotson University, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX), and Central Texas maternal health equity nonprofits Black Mamas ATX and the Healing Hands Community Doula Project will connect resources and expertise to achieve the goals of the initiative.


Boldly B.L.U.E. will

  • Diversify the maternal health workforce
  • Expand Black-led community doula training in Central Texas
  • Launch midwife and lactation consultant training programs at an HBCU
  • Provide professional development support to newly trained birth workers
  • Increase access to comprehensive, culturally competent, prebirth to postnatal care for expectant mothers
  • Connect doulas, lay midwives, and other maternal health workers in a long-term, collaborative, research network
  • Identify critical areas for policy, advocacy, and intervention

Sign up here to learn more about our training programs and partnership opportunities. Our first doula + community health worker training begins October 15!


Boldly B.L.U.E.

Birthing support for Texas mothers through access to culturally-aligned care

Learning programs for future doulas, community health workers, midwives, and lactation consultants

Understanding the unique insights of birth workers through a collective research network

Empowering community-based responses to maternal and infant health needs