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Campus Safety


The mission of Campus Safety is to ensure a safe, secure, and orderly campus for students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors at Huston-Tillotson University, thereby contributing toward a positive learning environment. 

Safety at Huston-Tillotson is a shared responsibility that every member of the University community needs to take seriously. We believe that the key to preventing crime is awareness, which is best achieved through education and communication. Faculty, staff, students and Campus Safety all work together to promote a safe environment in which to learn. 


To develop a foundation for providing the highest standard of professionalism, safety, security, community service, and be proactive when it comes to crime prevention. 

Code of Ethics

We are committed to “providing students with an opportunity to succeed” by maintaining the highest standard of ethical and moral behavior; delivering proactive and responsive services to all people; valuing the diversity of the community and always being mindful of the trust bestowed upon the Campus Safety department.

Campus Safety

Campus Safety officers patrol the campus 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, respond to emergencies and other calls for service, walk through the campus buildings, provide escorts, and staff special events.