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Facility Reservations

Welcome to the Huston-Tillotson University Facility Reservation pages of the Web site. We trust that you will find pertinent information about HT facilities and accommodations to help you make your reservation decision.

The sections below contain policies and procedures, diagrams of classroom and auditorium spaces, prices, and the necessary forms to secure the space you require. A link to downloadable forms is also available for your convenience. If after reading the information, you are interested in holding your next event on the HT campus, a $150 security deposit or 10%  for reservations over $10,000 will be required in order to secure the date.

The following administrative fees are to be paid prior to the event along with security deposit:

  • Janitorial services will be secured at the rate of $75.00 per event.
  • Technical services will be secured at the rate of $18.00 per hour.
  • Security services must be provided for all events at the rate of $40.00/officer/hour.

A review of the reservation steps is as follows:

  1. Review the information here and download the reservation forms.
  2. Contact Community Outreach to determine if the required date is available.
  3. Schedule a tour with Community Outreach after you have reviewed the reservation information and it has been determined that the date is available.
  4. Fill out and return the necessary forms.
  5. Pay the security deposit online to receive confirmation of your reserved space.
  6. Follow up with Community Outreach prior to your event.
  7. Ensure that your liability coverage for your event has been forwarded to Community Outreach.
  8. Mail the final payment one week prior to the event.
  9. Hold your event.
  10. Complete the post event survey.



Film Companies and Movie Location Scouts

The University supports the Central Texas movie and film industries and is pleased to accommodate requests to shoot scenes on campus. Please review the above steps if you are interested in HT space. Contact Community Outreach to schedule a time to review and take pictures of the space you are scouting.

Booking Space Through Faculty and Staff


Huston-Tillotson University faculty and staff are actively involved in the community and are approached to book rooms and spaces on campus for meetings and events. In many cases, classroom instruction is tied to a campus event or a reciprocal relationship exists between the faculty/staff and the organization seeking space on campus. In those cases, it is the faculty’s and/or staff’s responsibility to ensure that the required paperwork has been filed with Events Management. If you have scheduled an event on campus through an HT faculty or staff and the event is not on file with Community Outreach, you will not be permitted to hold your event on campus. You are asked to avoid this scenario by ensuring that your event has been scheduled properly.

Non-Profit Organizations


The University is pleased to support the programs and initiatives of non-profit organizations. However, the University’s relationship with auxiliary enterprises such as Ala Carte Menu Services, Inc. catering and facilities does not permit the absorption of charges incurred by outside individuals or groups. Individuals or groups booking space on campus will be responsible for catering, security, janitorial service, technical support, and overtime charges associated with the event.