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Dr. Alaine Hutson

I am Dr. Alaine Hutson, and I just joined Huston-Tillotson University in fall of 2008 as an associate professor of History. I come to HT after teaching in Missouri for nine years where I also served as an assistant dean in the College of Humanities and Public Affairs. I specialize in African and Middle East history with an emphasis on slavery and gender in Islamic societies, and I also enjoy teaching students about the history of this country starting at Reconstruction in 1865. I have several academic publications; the most recent is “African Sufi Women and Ritual Change” in the Journal of Ritual Studies in 2004 and I am working on an article entitled “‘Common Failings of Our Common Humanity’: A Preliminary Exploration of Issues Common to Slavery in the Middle East and the Atlantic World.”

I have settled down here in Austin, TX, but love to travel for work and play: I have lived and done research in Nigeria and the United Kingdom; I attended seminars and studied in Egypt, France, Morocco, and the Sudan; as a child of an Air Force family I lived in Germany and as a grown-up historian have visited colleagues and given lectures there; and along the way I have visited Ghana, Italy, Niger, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia.

My education is my most valuable asset, and it all started at the University of Pennsylvania in the city of my birth, Philadelphia. My undergraduate experience really shaped how I think, who I am, and what I do for a living. My education introduced me to the world of intellectuals and academics and helped me determine my career path. I began studying Africa and the Islamic World and wandering the globe. I fell in love with African and Islamic history while studying in Nigeria at the University of Ibadan and crafted my own individualized major in African Studies with a heavy emphasis on history and Arabic training and much study with visiting international scholars. Along the way I became a student-athlete, learning to row on the Schuylkill River and being part of a strong crew tradition at the school. The opportunities I took advantage of as an undergraduate really helped me stand out from the crowd of applicants for graduate school; I won a full CIC fellowship to Indiana University where I earned my M.A and Ph.D. and along the way was able to study with a few famous African historians at Oxford University and learn an African language, Hausa, at SOAS.

My undergraduate experience still sets the tone for my life today and enables me to take advantage of new opportunities. I am still a student-athlete in life. I continue to learn new things and teach in all aspects of my life. I row here on Town Lake, play tennis, learned to be a professional tennis official and teach others to become certified tennis officials. I have traveled all over the country and been on court as an official with the best women and men tennis players in the world. I have recently learned more about the Middle East and changed my focus from sub-Saharan Africa to the Arab world. I still love to travel and learn about new cultures.

I hope that Huston-Tillotson University graduates cherish their undergraduate education as I do mine and along the way to earning their degrees they are afforded opportunities that will enrich and change their lives for the better; that is my goal in teaching and working with students here.


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Role: Associate Professor of History
Phone: 512.505.3117
Office: J-M 202