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Faculty/Staff Directory

Page Sal. First Last Role Telephone Email Office
Link Coach Alvin Moore Athletics Business Manager, Men's Baseball Coach 512.505.3151 Gym Room 4
Link Coach Charles H. Dubra Interim Director of Intercollegiate Athletics 512.505.3050 Gym
Link Coach Daniel Behnke Volleyball Coach 512.505.3048 Gym Room 9
Link Coach Jasmin Massey Cheerleading Coach 512.505.3088 Gym
Link Coach Kendall DuCree Women's Basketball Coach 512.505.3052 Gym Room 13
Link Coach Roxanne Rodriguez Softball Coach 512.505.3056 Gym Room 6
Link Coach Thomas C. Henderson Men's Basketball Coach 512.505.3053 Gym Room
Link Dr. Abena Primo Assistant Professor of Computer Science 512.505.3107 A-L 103A
Link Dr. Ahmad Kamalvand Department Chair of Mathematics/Professor of Mathematics 512.505.3111 D-L 104C
Link Dr. Aimee Tennant Assistant Professor of Mathematics 512.505.3113 D-L 104E
Link Dr. Alaine Hutson Associate Professor of History 512.505.3117 J-M 202
Link Dr. Amanda M. Masino Associate Professor of Biology 512.505.3148 D-L 202
Link Dr. Andrea Holman Assistant Professor of Psychology 512.505.6476 A-L 301
Link Dr. Archibald Vanderpuye Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs 512.505.6444 V-A 103
Link Dr. Ardavan Lotfalian Professor of Kinesiology 512.505.3097 Evans 101
Link Dr. Azubike Okpalaeze Assistant Professor of Computer Science 512.505.6469 AL 102
Link Dr. Beverly Downing Interim Director OSP/Title III Coordinator, Sponsored Programs 512.505.3127 V-A 208
Link Dr. Carlos Cervantes Chair of Kinesiology/Assistant Professor of Kinesiology 512.505.3095 E-H 209
Link Dr. Carolyn Golden Associate Professor of Computer Science 512-505-3106 A-L 103B
Link Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette President and CEO 512.505.3002 V-A 305
Link Dr. Debra Murphy Professor of Psychology 512.505.3102 D-L 313
Link Dr. Engin Topkara Assistant Professor of Mathematics 512.505.6437 D-L 104B
Link Dr. Eric Budd Assistant Professor of Educator Preparation 512.505.3092 Evans 104C
Link Dr. Gloria Quinlan Professor of Music 512.505.3121 J-M 220
Link Dr. James Kraft Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion 512.505.3123 J-M 212
Link Dr. Janice Sumler Edmond Professor Emerita of History
Link Dr. Javier Stuppard Assistant Professor of Instrumental Music 512-505-3043 J-M 222
Link Dr. Julie Hudson Assistant Professor of English 512.505.3114 J-M 203
Link Dr. Karen Magid Director of Sustainability 512.505.6479 D-L 302b
Link Dr. Katherine Durham Oldmixon Professor & Chair of English 512.505.3124 J-M 215
Link Dr. Kathy Schwab Department Chair of Natural Sciences/Professor of Biology 512.505.3103 D-L 204
Link Dr. Lorraine Samuels Chair of the Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences/Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice 512.505.3141 J-M-219
Link Dr. Michael Hirsch Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences 512.505.3125 J-M-201
Link Dr. Paul Anaejionu Professor of Political Science 512.505.3101 J-M 214
Link Dr. Rafael Vela Assistant Professor of Communications 512.505. 3120
Link Dr. Rhonda Moses Dean of Enrollment Management 512.505.3030 A-L 216
Link Dr. Robert Kellogg Associate Professor of Business Administration 512.505.3133 A-L 302
Link Dr. Robert M. Ceresa Assistant Professor of Political Science 512.505.6471 A-L 313
Link Dr. Rohan Thompson Assistant Professor of School of Business and Technology 512.505.3135 A-L 314
Link Dr. Rosalee Martin Professor of Sociology 512.505.3098 J-M 213
Link Dr. Shirley Bleidt Associate Professor of Educator Preparation 512.505.3096 Evans 104A
Link Dr. Stephen Burnaman Department Chair of Humanities & Fine Arts/Professor of Music/University Organist 512.505.3119 J-M 221
Link Dr. Steven Edmond Acting Dean of the School of Business and Technology & International Student Advisor 512.505.6472 A-L 312
Link Dr. Sumor-Ziva Sheppard Professor of Spanish 512.505.3116 J-M 232
Link Dr. Theodore Francis Assistant Professor of History 512.505.3100 J-M 219
Link Dr. Yalan Ning Assistant Professor of Chemistry 512.505.3110 D-L 306A
Link Dr. Zipporah Glass Prospect Research and Stewardship Manager 512.505.6447 Conner Washington
Link Mr. Albert Garcia Financial Aid Counselor 512.505.6468 A-L 201
Link Mr. Ambrose Price Default Prevention/Financial Literacy Counselor 512.505.6477 A-L 216
Link Mr. Cesar Galvan Math Center Coordinator 512.505.6424 D-L 110
Link Mr. Damien Wooley Student Accounts & Collections Officer 512.505.3068 A-L 209
Link Mr. Damon Johnson VP of Administration and Finance 512.505.3060 A-L 209
Link Mr. Dean Keddy-Hector Assistant Professor of Biology 512.505.3172 D-L 217
Link Mr. Delton Pierce Coordinator of Campus Life 512.505.3037 Davage Durden Student Union
Link Mr. Fred Bailey Admission Counselor 512.505.3026 A-L 206
Link Mr. Jeffrey Pierce, II Director of Admission 512.505.3024 A-L 208
Link Mr. Jonah Mutua Instructor of Mathematics 512.505.3144 DL-302B
Link Mr. Jonathan Cosgrove Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
Link Mr. Joshua Ronsen Media and Instructional Technology Analyst 512.505.3169 A-L 105
Link Mr. Juan Gonzalez Administrative Assistant--College of Arts & Sciences 512.505.3042 J-M 207
Link Mr. Lee McCormick Strength & Conditioning Coach Gym
Link Mr. Leslie York Director of Campus Safety 512.505.3011 V-A 200
Link Mr. Michael Hart Assistant Professor of English 512.505.3099 J-M 211
Link Mr. Pablo Quezada Instructor of Kinesiology 512.505.6440 Evans-Hall Room 210
Link Mr. Paul Crawford Director of the Men's Residence Hall 512.505.3158 BB
Link Mr. Ryan Sharp Writers' Studio Coodinator/Professional Tutor 512.505.3087 Writers' Studio
Link Mr. Steven Hatchett Director of Career and Graduate Development 512.505.3041 A-F Basement
Link Mr. Todd Cruff Sports Information Director 512.505.3057 Gym
Link Mr. Tyrus Smith Adult Degree Program Enrollment Coach 512.782-4700 A-L Conference Room
Link Mr. Wayne Knox Chief of Staff and Clerk of the Board 512.505.3003 V-A 204
Link Mr. William Hill Night Lobby Monitor - Men's Residence Hall 512.505.6411 B-B Residence Hall
Link Mr. Yusuf Yildirim Instructor of Mathematics 512.505.3104 D-L 111A
Link Mrs. Earnestine Strickland Registrar 512.505.3082 A-L 210
Link Mrs. LaJuana Sanford Director of Alumni Affairs 512.505.3074 C-W
Link Mrs. Linda Y. Jackson Director, Center for Civic Engagement and Community Outreach 512.505.3006 Sandra Joy Anderson Community Health and Wellness Center
Link Mrs. Mischa Mathews Adult Degree Program - Financial Aid Counselor 512.505.6478 A-L 214
Link Mrs. Pamela Reed Administrative Assistant--College of Arts & Sciences 512.505.3112 D-L 201
Link Ms. Aisha Bacon Executive Assistant 512.505.3002 V-A 308
Link Ms. Alicia Childs Records Manager 512.505.3083 A-L 210
Link Ms. Allison Buchanan Instructor of Accounting 512.505.3188 A-L 308
Link Ms. Angela Hall Watkins Vice President for Institutional Advancement 512.505.3070 Conner-Washington Building, Second Floor
Link Ms. Asia Haney Senior Admission Counselor 512.505.3023 A-L 206
Link Ms. Autumn Caviness Director of the Center for Academic Excellence 512.505.3040 J-M 101
Link Ms. Bernette Blake Academic Coach 512.505.3027 J-M 101
Link Ms. Bianca DelToro Accounting Coordinator - Adult Degree Program 512.505.6456
Link Ms. Brandy Ratcliff Director of the Alternative Teacher Certification Program 512.505.6462 Evans 200
Link Ms. Chermaine Burleson Technical Services and Systems Librarian 512.505.3078 D-J Library
Link Ms. Courtney Walker Adult Degree Program Executive Enrollment Coach 512.795.4035 University Conference Room
Link Ms. Danae Jackson Human Resources Generalist 512.505.3014 V-A Basement
Link Ms. Dawn Leisch Director of Counseling and Consultation 512.505.3044 Sandra Joy Anderson Community Health and Wellness Center
Link Ms. Diane Nunez Financial Aid Specialist 512.505.3032 A-L 203
Link Ms. Dietrich Ramos Academic Coach 512.505.3045 J-M 101
Link Ms. Dora Dubra Administrative Assistant - College of Arts and Sciences 512.505.3164 Evans 104
Link Ms. Ericka Jones Dean of Student Affairs 512.505.3035 Student Union 111
Link Ms. Farzana Hussain Assistant Professor of Mathematics 512.505.3108 D-L 302A
Link Ms. George Marmell Academic Advisor - Adult Degree Program 512.505.6473 A-L 214
Link Ms. Jackie Byers Central Services Officer 512.505.3069 A-L 102
Link Ms. Jacquelyn Brown Night Lobby Monitor
Link Ms. Janice Jean IT Help Desk Analyst 512.505.3168 A-L105
Link Ms. Jennine Krueger Instructor of English 512.505.6403 J-M 232
Link Ms. Josephine Ragolia Media Librarian/Archivist 512.505.3079 D-J Library
Link Ms. Karen Price-Scott Interim Director of Financial Aid 512.505.3031 A-L 202
Link Ms. Katrina Ashton Public Services Librarian Assistant 512.505.3088 Library
Link Ms. Maggie Talkington Campus Accounting Manager - Adult Degree Program 512.505.6458 A-L
Link Ms. Marisa Darby Associate Registrar 512.505.6423 A-L 210
Link Ms. Mary Ogden Senior Systems Analyst 512.505.3167 A-L 105
Link Ms. Meagan Prazak Staff Accountant 512.505.6442 A-L
Link Ms. Melody Fullylove Prospect Research & Stewardship Manager 512.505.3034 V-A 208
Link Ms. Patricia Griggs Student Affairs Assistant 512.505.3036 D-D
Link Ms. Patricia Petersen AP Specialist 512.505.3062 A-L
Link Ms. Rachel Kunz Adult Degree Program - Assistant Vice President A-L 220B
Link Ms. Sara Rodriguez Enrollment Specialist - Adult Degree Program 512.505.6457 A-L
Link Ms. Shakitha Stinson Director of Student Services - ADP 512.505.6463 A-L 214
Link Ms. Shawanda Stewart Assistant Professor of English 512.505.6439 J-M 209
Link Ms. Sheila Hancock Pre-Award Compliance Officer and Office Manager 512.505.3126 V-A 208
Link Ms. Sheral Kinley Administrative Assistant -- School of Business and Technology 512.505.3131 A-L 310
Link Ms. Sylvia Martinez Administrative Assistant -- Athletics 512.505.3036 V-A Basement
Link Ms. Tais Andersh Senior Financial Aid Counselor 512.505.6483 A-L 102
Link Ms. Virgie Morton Administrative Assistant -- Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs 512.505.6433 V-A 103
Link Ms. Xia Yan Research Analyst 512.505.3147 V-A 310
Link Rev. Donald Brewington University Chaplain 512.505.3054 Religious Life Center