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Faculty/Staff Directory

Page First Last Role Telephone Email Office
Link Coach Alvin Moore Athletics Business Manager, Men's Baseball Coach 512.505.3151 Gym Room 4
Link Coach Howard Ware Coach - Men & Women's Track, Women's Cross Country 512.505.3049 Gym Room 2
Link Coach Maurice Callis Women's Basketball Coach 512.505.3052 Gym Room 13
Link Coach Ronnie Kaase Sports Information Director, Women's Volleyball Coach 512.505.3048 Gym Room 9
Link Coach Thomas C. Henderson Men's Basketball Coach 512.505.3053 Gym Room
Link Dr. Ahmad Kamalvand Department Chair of Mathematics/Professor of Mathematics 512.505.3111 D-L 104C
Link Dr. Alaine Hutson Associate Professor of History 512.505.3117 J-M 202
Link Dr. Ardavan Lotfalian Professor of Kinesiology 512.505.3097 Evans 101
Link Dr. Bradley Rowland Assistant Professor of Chemistry 512.505.3110 D-L 306B
Link Dr. Carol Adams-Means Associate Professor of Communication 512.505.3120 A-L 315
Link Dr. Carolyn Golden Assistant Professor of Computer Science 512-505-3106 A-L 103B
Link Dr. Deanna C. Mercer Assistant Professor of Educator Preparation 512.505.3096 Evans 104E
Link Dr. Debra Murphy Professor of Psychology 512.505.3102 D-L 313
Link Dr. Durham Oldmixon Professor of English 512.505.3124 J-M 215
Link Dr. Eric Budd Assistant Professor of Educator Preparation 512.505.3092 Evans 104C
Link Dr. Gloria Quinlan Professor of Music 512.505.3121 J-M 219
Link Dr. Horacio Pena Professor of Spanish 512.505.3116 J-M 232
Link Dr. James Kraft Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion 512.505.3123 J-M 212
Link Dr. Janice Sumler-Edmond Director of the Honors Program/Professor of History 512.505.3100 J-M 204
Link Dr. Jeff Wilson Dean, University College and Associate Professor of Biological Sciences 512.505.3030 V-A 103
Link Dr. Julie Hudson Assistant Professor of English 512.505.3114 J-M 203
Link Dr. Kathryn Davis Department Chair of Business Administration/Assistant Professor of Business Administration 512.505.3170 A-L 314
Link Dr. Kathy Schwab Department Chair of Natural Sciences/Professor of Biology 512.505.3103 D-L 204
Link Dr. Laura K. Smith Assistant Professor of Communication 512.505.3122 A-L 315
Link Dr. Lorraine Samuels Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice 512.505.3141 J-M-219
Link Dr. Michael Gregory Abel Assistant Professor of Biology 512.505.6438 Dickey-Lawless 306A
Link Dr. Michael Hirsch Department Chair of Social and Behavioral Sciences/Professor of Sociology 512.505.3125 J-M-201
Link Dr. Paul Anaejionu Professor of Political Science 512.505.3101 J-M 214
Link Dr. Rita Mitchell Associate Professor of Educator Preparation 512.505.6416 Evans 211
Link Dr. Robert Kellogg Associate Professor of Business Administration 512.505.3133 A-L 302
Link Dr. Rosalee Martin Professor of Sociology 512.505.3098 J-M 213
Link Dr. Stephen Burnaman Department Chair of Humanities & Fine Arts/Professor of Music/University Organist 512.505.3119 J-M 221
Link Mr. Charles H. Dubra Assistant Athletics Director 512.505.3050 Gym
Link Mr. Dean Keddy-Hector Assistant Professor of Biology 512.505.3172 D-L 217
Link Mr. Michael Hart Assistant Professor of English 512.505.3099 J-M 211
Link Mrs. Betty Etier Associate Professor of Kinesiology 512.505.3132 E-H 102
Link Mrs. Earnestine Strickland Registrar 512.505.3082 A-L 210
Link Mrs. Patricia Wilkins Director of Library and Media Services 512.505.3081 Library
Link Mrs. Windy Leal Administrative Asst. - School of Business & Technology 512.505.3131 A-L 310
Link Ms. Alicia Childs Records Manager 512.505.3083 A-L 210
Link Ms. Ashley Nash Assistant Professor of English 512.505.6445 K-S
Link Ms. Jessica L. Wood Technical Services Librarian 512.505.3078 Library
Link Ms. Rosie Amaya Media Specialist/Curriculum Librarian 512.505.3079 Library