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Intercollegiate Athletics

Strength and Conditioning

Mission Statement

The primary goal of the strength and conditioning staff at the Huston-Tillotson University is to maximize athletic performance while minimizing the occurrence of injury in a safe, structured training environment.  Sport-specific training programs are designed to help each student-athlete achieve their performance-based goals.  The primary component of the training programs is functional, free weight exercises.  Keep in mind; we are not in the business of producing weight lifters, but rather using weight training as a means to prepare athletes for the rigorous physiological demands of competition.  A variety of additional training modalities will be used to enhance flexibility, speed, and agility.  The Huston-Tillotson University Strength & Conditioning staff continually strives to provide a program that enhances individual performance and produces winners.

Ram Strength & Conditioning Philosophy

 “The weightroom is not only a facilitator of movement, but also a tool for building character.”


Before becoming a better student-athlete, it is important to make an honest decision to achieve a goal. With determination comes mental toughness, and with mental toughness comes success.


Strength training requires student-athletes to fully commit themselves toward achieving a goal. It is the responsibility of student-athletes and coaches to approach each day with a purpose towards achieving the goal of improvement, not only as a team but also as an individual.


It is essential for student-athletes to possess a strong work ethic, self-discipline, and humility in order to succeed in their sport as well as in life. Student-athletes can develop these qualities by learning what it takes to be a Champion.

These three elements create the solid foundation in which the strength program is built upon. The Rams Strength and Conditioning program focuses on ground-based, three-dimensional, multi-joint movements with variations of Olympic lifting and power lifting with an emphasis on injury prevention. Each speed, agility, and endurance program is specifically customized using the energy system(s) needed to perform each sport. The goal of all programs is to improve athleticism, prevent injury, and develop strong well-rounded individuals not only physically but also mentally.


Rules and Regulations for the Intercollegiate Strength Room


  1. Huston-Tillotson University varsity strength room is an equal access working facility solely for the use of intercollegiate student-athletes and athletics staff.
  2. Proper workout attire is required at all times (shorts, t-shirts, sweats, and sneakers). Workout attire should be clean and reasonably dry before the start of strength room workouts.
  3. Remove all hats and jewelery (rings, chains, watches) before starting workouts.
  4. Personal items (books, jackets) are to be placed in the cub-by boxes on the front wall. The strength staff is not responsible for the loss of valuables.
  5. No food or drink is permitted in the strength room at any time.
  6. You must have a workout plan, follow it, and record content within it on your own.
  7. Take pride in the strength room and keep it in order.
  8. Keep equipment in its roper location- do not rearrange or remove equipment and/or weights.
  9. Strip bars and racks correctly and replace all items when workout is completed.
  10. Dumbbells should not have been dropped and are to be placed back in the racks in proper sequence
  11. Think safety!! – use equipment correctly; use collars and a spotter(s) on free weight exercises; use proper form. Never sacrifice technique for weight.
  12. Do not spit in the water fountain or on the floor.
  13. Return pencils and workout folders to their proper areas.
  14. Music with profane or obscene lyrics is not permitted.
  15. Staff offices and telephones are off limits to student-athletes, unless granted permission.
  16. Provide leadership with a positive attitude and example, show enthusiasm, strive for athletic and academic excellence in the Red River Conference.