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Student Health Insurance

Huston-Tillotson Student Health Insurance


Got Questions about your UHC Student Health Insurance Coverage?

Where do I get a copy of my insurance card?

What is the status of a claim?

UHC Customer Service:  1.800.767.0700


HT requires every student to have health insurance. 

All full-time traditional program students
are automatically enrolled into HT’s student health insurance plan each year.

New and transferring students with their own health insurance coverage may opt-out
during the opt-out period when is now closed.

Actively enrolled students who do not opt-out successfully during this time-frame
will remain in the HT student health insurance plan and
for coverage through August 19, 2016.

 All new and returning full-time traditional program students must opt-out of student health insurance each fall if they do not want to be charged and included in HT’s plan.

The HT student health insurance carrier will be UnitedHealthCare for 2015-16.

HT’s student health insurance plan does not apply to Adult Degree Program or graduate students.  Therefore ADP and graduate students do not need to opt-out.

Opt-Out Site is Now Closed

To Use Your Insurance Please Call



Overview Notes to Remember:

  • The student health insurance plan for academic year 2014-15 lasts through August 19, 2015.
  • All students who did not complete the opt-out process during the opt-out time, will be charged $1,539.00 ($564.00  if here for the Fall 2014  semester; $975.00  in the Spring 2016 semester) for the student health insurance and will be enrolled in the plan through August 19, 2016.
  • Athletes who begin practices or work-outs between August 1-18, 2015 and who do not currently have the HT plan, will be charged an additional $79 in the Fall if they do not opt-out by the deadline.
  • Opting out reduces student charges by the premiums applicable above.
  • Opting out requires that students complete an online waiver form.
  • Opt-out forms may be audited to confirm your plan is valid.  If the plan is inactive, you may still be charged for HT insurance.
  • Once your opt-out request is approved and processed, a credit will appear on your billing statement.  This process should be complete within 10 business days.

 Paper waivers are not accepted. 

Please use the online waiver site to opt-out of student health insurance
during the opt-out time period.


Email inquiries to Human Resources at


Questions? Download Student Health Insurance FAQ here


Student Health Insurance FAQs

What is covered by this plan?
Review the plan coverage brochure here.

How can I get a copy of my insurance card?
The insurance cards are emailed out directly from UHC to students during the semester.  If you were in the plan in the Fall 2015 semester, please call UHC Customer Service at 1.800.767.0700.  And if you started with the insurance in Spring 2016 and would like to use services, please call the HR office for assistance.

Why was I charged for Student Health Insurance?

HT requires its students to have health insurance because HT is committed to the health and safety of its students while students are pursuing their college career.   HT’s insurance is an annual Affordable-Care-Act compliant plan and offered for the full academic year.

 Who is required to have student health insurance?

All traditional program students registered for 12 or more hours, all international students, and all students living on campus.  These students are automatically enrolled and billed unless they opt out (see below).  HT’s student health insurance does not apply

When does the student health insurance start and how long does it last?

The student health insurance plan for the 2015-16 year starts August 20, 2015 and runs for the whole year until August 19, 2016.

This is an annual plan, therefore, students cannot participate in the fall but opt-out for the Spring/Summer.  In other words, if a student enrolls in the Fall, they must stay enrolled the full academic year.   And if enrolled in the Spring, must stay enrolled through the summer.

How much does the student health insurance cost?

It costs a total of $1,539 for non-athletes and is broken up into two payments.  The fall payment is  $564. The Spring/Summer payment is $975. 

There will be an additional $79 in the Fall semester only for students who are athletes and begin practices or work-outs prior between August 1-18, 2015.

How does a student opt-out of the Student Health Insurance Plan?

If a student has their own active health insurance, the student has the opportunity to opt-out of HT’s student health insurance plan during the opt-out time the first semester of enrollment in an academic year.  A student who was enrolled in Fall needs to opt-out by September 2, 2015.  

This opt-out process requires the student to provide their health insurance plan details  on or before  the opt-out deadline. 

 Student insurance charges will not be removed unless the waiver form is appropriately completed, submitted, and accepted by HT during the opt-out period.

 What happens if I do not opt-out by the deadline?

If the opt-out deadline is missed, the student will remain enrolled in HT’s insurance plan and the charges cannot be removed.


Are you a new or transfer student for 2016, have your own insurance,
and prefer to opt-out
of the Student Health Insurance Plan?

Opt-out here until midnight January 29, 2016

Students enrolled for the Fall 2015 semester who have not already opted-out will remain in the student health insurance plan for the academic year so long as the student remains enrolled at HT.


Contact:  512.505.3015