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Special Programs

Alternative Teacher Certification Program

2015-04-23 18.49.59Huston-Tillotson University’s Alternative Teacher Certification Program (HT ATCP) is an innovative, flexible, and high quality program to prepare the most qualified, diverse, and effective teachers in Texas. Teachers trained at HT’s ATCP are educating children in more than 40 school districts in Texas and have a nearly perfect success rate on state certification examinations. The HT ATCP is accredited by the Texas State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) and meets state and national requirements for alternative pathways to teacher certification. 2015-04-23 18.49.59

HT ATCP is ideal if you have a bachelor’s degree and are seeking to:

Change Careers, Return to the Workforce, Reenter the Workforce After Retirement 

Program Details

HT ATCP is implemented in a three-semester(Phase 1, 2, and 3) sequence with Phase 1 being the initial training prior to internship and Phase 2 and 3 consisting of ongoing training during the candidate’s internship, clinical teaching, or employment search.

  • A new cycle begins two times during the course of an academic year: spring and summer.
  • Spring application deadline is November 15.
  • Spring cycle begins in early January.
  • Spring Phase 1 classes meet 6-9 PM three nights a week (M-T-W).
  • Summer application deadline is March 15.
  • Summer cycle begins in early May.
  • Summer Phase 1 classes meet 6-9 PM four nights a week (M-T-W-Th).
  • The strategy for delivering training consists of seminars, workshops, and online instruction presented by real-world practitioners who exemplify best teaching practices.

Interested in our Alternative Teacher Certification Program? Learn more and apply with the following links: 

Deadlines, Schedules, & Minimum Requirements

Application Materials

Mentor & Field Supervisor Training

Mentor Documentation

Mentor Training #1

Mentor Training #2

Mentor Training #3

Mentor Training #4

TXBESS Frameworks

Certifications Offered

Core Subjects EC-6 Elementary Certification

Core Subjects 4-8

All Level Certificates
Physical Education EC-12
Special Education EC-12
Music EC-12

Single Subject Certificates
English, Language Arts, & Reading 7-12
Mathematics 7-12
Mathematics/Science 4-8
Life Sciences 7-12
Physical Sciences 7-12
Science 7-12
Social Studies 7-12
History 7-12
Computer Science 8-12
Technology Applications 8-12

Supplemental Certifications*
Bilingual Supplemental
English as a Second Language Supplemental
Special Education Supplemental
*Must also earn a content area certificate

 Mission Statement

The mission of Huston-Tillotson University Alternative Teacher Certification Program is to prepare diverse, degreed individuals for a successful EC-12 teaching career through a focused curriculum, supported internship, and on-going professional development.

TEAL/ECOS Sign up Instructions