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Ms. Ana Roeschley

Page Sal. First Last Role Telephone Email Office
Link Coach Alvin Moore Athletics Business Manager, Men's Baseball Coach 512.505.3151 Gym Room 4
Link Coach Charles H. Dubra Interim Director of Intercollegiate Athletics 512.505.3050 Gym
Link Coach Daniel Behnke Volleyball Coach 512.505.3048 Gym Room 9
Link Coach Howard Ware Coach - Men & Women's Track, Men's Cross Country 512.505.3049 Gym Room 2
Link Coach Jasmin Massey Cheerleading Coach 512.505.3088 Gym
Link Coach Maurice Callis Women's Basketball Coach 512.505.3052 Gym Room 13
Link Coach Rob Ferguson Men's & Women's Soccer Coach 512.505.3051 Gym
Link Coach Roxanne Rodriguez Softball Coach 512.505.3056 Gym Room 6
Link Coach Thomas C. Henderson Men's Basketball Coach 512.505.3053 Gym Room
Link Dr. Abena Primo Assistant Professor of Computer Science 512.505.3107 A-L 103A
Link Dr. Ahmad Kamalvand Department Chair of Mathematics/Professor of Mathematics 512.505.3111 D-L 104C
Link Dr. Alaine Hutson Associate Professor of History 512.505.3117 J-M 202
Link Dr. Amanda M. Masino Associate Professor of Biology 512.505.3148 D-L 202
Link Dr. Andrea Holman Assistant Professor of Psychology 512.505.6476 A-L 301
Link Dr. Archibald Vanderpuye Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs 512.505.6444 V-A 103
Link Dr. Ardavan Lotfalian Professor of Kinesiology 512.505.3097 Evans 101
Link Dr. Azubike Okpalaeze Assistant Professor of Computer Science 512.505.6469 AL 102
Link Dr. Baruch Lundy Instructor of Business Administration 512.505.3135 A-L 306
Link Dr. Brian Stone Assistant Professor of English 512.505.3115 J-M 208
Link Dr. Carlos Cervantes Chair of Kinesiology/Assistant Professor of Kinesiology 512.505.3095 E-H 209
Link Dr. Carol Adams-Means Associate Professor of Communication 512.505.3120 A-L 315B
Link Dr. Carolyn Golden Assistant Professor of Computer Science 512-505-3106 A-L 103B
Link Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette President and CEO 512.505.3002 V-A 305
Link Dr. Debra Murphy Professor of Psychology 512.505.3102 D-L 313
Link Dr. Ella Aron Field Education Supervisor, Assistant Professor 512.505.6460 EH 101
Link Dr. Engin Topkara Assistant Professor of Mathematics 512.505.6437 D-L 104B
Link Dr. Eric Budd Assistant Professor of Educator Preparation 512.505.3092 Evans 104C
Link Dr. Gloria Quinlan Professor of Music 512.505.3121 J-M 220
Link Dr. Horacio Pena Professor of Spanish 512.505.3116 J-M 232
Link Dr. James Kraft Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion 512.505.3123 J-M 212
Link Dr. Jan Seiter Director of the Alternative Teacher Certification Program Educator Testing coordinator 512.505.6462 Evans 200
Link Dr. Javier Stuppard Assistant Professor of Instrumental Music 512-505-3043 J-M 222
Link Dr. Joyceia Banner Assistant Professor of Business Administration 512.505.3138 A-L 305
Link Dr. Julie Hudson Assistant Professor of English 512.505.3114 J-M 203
Link Dr. Karen Magid Director of Sustainability 512.505.6479 D-L 302b
Link Dr. Katherine Durham Oldmixon Professor & Chair of English 512.505.3124 J-M 215
Link Dr. Kathy Schwab Department Chair of Natural Sciences/Professor of Biology 512.505.3103 D-L 204
Link Dr. Lorraine Samuels Chair of the Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences/Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice 512.505.3141 J-M-219
Link Dr. Michael Hirsch Director of the Adult Degree Program/Professor of Sociology 512.505.3125 J-M-201
Link Dr. Monique Johnson-Jones Director of STEM 512.505.6488 D-L 102
Link Dr. Paul Anaejionu Professor of Political Science 512.505.3101 J-M 214
Link Dr. Rhonda Moses Director of Sponsored Programs/Coordinator of Title III 512.505.3075 A-L 100
Link Dr. Rita Mitchell Associate Professor of Educator Preparation 512.505.6416 EH 211
Link Dr. Robert Kellogg Associate Professor of Business Administration 512.505.3133 A-L 302
Link Dr. Robert M. Ceresa Assistant Professor of Political Science 512.505.6471 A-L 313
Link Dr. Rosalee Martin Acting Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, Professor of Sociology 512.505.3098 J-M 213
Link Dr. Ruth Kane Chair of Educator Preparation/Associate Professor 512.505.3091 Evans 104A
Link Dr. Shirley Bleidt Associate Professor of Educator Preparation 512.505.3096 Evans 104A
Link Dr. Stephen Burnaman Department Chair of Humanities & Fine Arts/Professor of Music/University Organist 512.505.3119 J-M 221
Link Dr. Steven Edmond Acting Dean of the School of Business and Technology & International Student Advisor 512.505.6472 A-L 312
Link Dr. Theodore Francis Assistant Professor of History 512.505.3100 J-M 219
Link Dr. Yalan Ning Assistant Professor of Chemistry 512.505.3110 D-L 306A
Link Dr. Yonghua Yan Assistant Professor of Mathematics 512.505.3108 D-L 302A
Link Dr. Zahra Moghadasian Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Instructional Technology/Distance Education 512.505.3165 E-H 211
Link Mr. Andrew Dennis Math Center Coordinator 512.505.6424 D-L 110
Link Mr. Damien Wooley Bursar 512.505.3068 A-L 209D
Link Mr. Dean Keddy-Hector Assistant Professor of Biology 512.505.3172 D-L 217
Link Mr. Jace Furches Public Services Librarian Assistant 512.505.3088 Library
Link Mr. Jon Albrecht Interim Director of Information Technology 512.505.3009 A-L 105
Link Mr. Jonah Mutua Instructor of Mathematics 512.505.3144 DL-302B
Link Mr. Joshua Ronsen Media and Instructional Technology Analyst 512.505.3169 A-L 105
Link Mr. Juan Gonzalez Administrative Assistant--College of Arts & Sciences 512.505.3042 J-M 207
Link Mr. Lee McCormick Strength & Conditioning Coach Gym
Link Mr. Leslie York Director of Campus Safety 512.505.3011 C-W 6
Link Mr. Michael Hart Assistant Professor of English 512.505.3099 J-M 211
Link Mr. Pablo Quezada Instructor of Kinesiology 512.505.6440 Evans-Hall Room 210
Link Mr. Paul Crawford Director of the Men's Residence Hall 512.505.3158 BB
Link Mr. Paul Leverington Director of Career and Graduate Development and Title IX Coordinator 512.505.3041 C-W 1
Link Mr. Rosnay Liendo Senior Admission Counselor 512.505.3029 A-L 205
Link Mr. Ryan Sharp Writers' Studio Coodinator/Professional Tutor 512.505.3087 Writers' Studio
Link Mr. Todd Cruff Sports Information Director 512.505.3057 Gym
Link Mr. Tyrus Smith Adult Degree Program Admission Representative 512.505.3026 A-L Conference Room
Link Mr. Wayne Knox Chief of Staff and Clerk of the Board 512.505.3003 V-A 204
Link Mr. William Hill Night Lobby Monitor - Men's Residence Hall 512.505.6411 B-B Residence Hall
Link Mr. Yusuf Yildirim Instructor of Mathematics 512.505.3104 D-L 111A
Link Mrs. Bridgett Lee Director of Alumni Affairs and Advancement Services 512.505.3074 V-A 208
Link Mrs. Earnestine Strickland Registrar 512.505.3082 A-L 210
Link Mrs. Linda Y. Jackson Director of University Relations 512.505.3006 V-A 200
Link Ms. Aimee Tennant Assistant Professor of Mathematics 512.505.3113 D-L 104E
Link Ms. Alicia Childs Records Manager 512.505.3083 A-L 210
Link Ms. Allison Buchanan Instructor of Accounting 512.505.3188 A-L 308
Link Ms. Ana Escobedo Financial Aid Assistant 512.505.6478 A-L 214
Link Ms. Ana Roeschley Public Services Librarian 512.505.3088 Library
Link Ms. Ana Villarreal Pre-Award Compliance Officer and Office Manager 512.505.3077 A-L 101
Link Ms. Ashley Nash Lecturer of English 512.505.6445 K-S
Link Ms. Asia Haney Social Media Admission Counselor 512.505.3023 A-L 206
Link Ms. Autumn Caviness Instructor of Communication and Interim Director of W.E.B. DuBois Honors Program 512.505.3122 A-L 315C
Link Ms. Bianca Sims Coordinator of Counseling and Disability Services 512.505.3046 A-L 206
Link Ms. Chelsea Piper Media Specialist/Special Events Coordinator 512.505.6417 V-A 212
Link Ms. Courtney Walker Enrollment Representative - Adult Degree Program 512.505.6454 University Conference Room
Link Ms. Dawn Cassanova Director of Budgets and Contracts 512.505.3064 A-L 217
Link Ms. Diane Nunez Financial Aid Specialist 512.505.3032 A-L 203
Link Ms. Dominique Bowman Director of Community Health and Public Health Initiatives 512.505.6421 V-A 208
Link Ms. Dominique Galan Default Prevention Specialist 512.505.3027 J-M 101
Link Ms. Dora Dubra Administrative Assistant - College of Arts and Sciences 512.505.3164 Evans 104
Link Ms. Ericka Jones Director of the Center for Academic Excellence 512.505.3040 J-M 101
Link Ms. George Marmell Academic Advisor - Adult Degree Program 512.505.6473 A-L 214
Link Ms. Gina Tillis First Year Coordinator 512.505.3045 J-M 101
Link Ms. Heather Willard Athletic Trainer 512.505.3199 Gym Room 14
Link Ms. Jackie Byers Central Services Officer 512.505.3069 A-L 102
Link Ms. Jacquelyn Brown Night Lobby Monitor
Link Ms. Janice Jean IT Help Desk Technician 512.505.3168 A-L105
Link Ms. Jennine Krueger Instructor of English 512.505.6403 J-M 232
Link Ms. Jessica Garza Cherry Enrollment Specialist - Adult Degree Program 512.505.6457 University Conference Room
Link Ms. Joy Bibb Interim Controller 512.505.3065 A-L 209
Link Ms. Julie Amaya Interim Human Resources Generalist 512.505.3014 C-W Room B
Link Ms. Karen Price-Scott Interim Director of Financial Aid 512.505.3031 A-L 202
Link Ms. Katrina Ashton Public Services Librarian Assistant 512.505.3088 Library
Link Ms. Kwanna Horn Accounts Payable Officer 512.505.3062 A-L 209
Link Ms. LaToya Stevens Office Manager/Accountant 512.505.3061 A-L 209
Link Ms. Marisa Darby Associate Registrar 512.505.6423 A-L 210
Link Ms. Mary Ogden Senior Systems Analyst 512.505.3167 A-L 105
Link Ms. Melody Fullylove Prospect Research & Stewardship Manager 512.505.3034 V-A 208
Link Ms. Myrtle Robinson Administrative Assistant -- Title III 512.505.3127 A-L 207
Link Ms. Nora Winslow Public Services Librarian Assistant 512.505.3088 Library
Link Ms. Pamela Mitchell Administrative Assistant--College of Arts & Sciences 512.505.3112 D-L 201
Link Ms. Patricia Griggs Administrative Assistant - Center for Academic Excellence 512.505.3094 J-M 101
Link Ms. Quincy Harris Student Accounts & Collections Officer 512.505.3067 A-L 209
Link Ms. Rachel Kunz Enrollment Manager - Adult Degree Program A-L 220B
Link Ms. Rebecca Kangas Interim Director of Human Resources 512.505.3015 C-W Room B
Link Ms. Sara Summers Special Assistant to the President 512.505.3085 V-A 310
Link Ms. Shakitha Stinson Director of Admission 512.505.3029 A-L 205
Link Ms. Shannon Burkland Enrollment Representative - Adult Degree Program University Conference Room
Link Ms. Shawanda Stewart Assistant Professor of English 512.505.6439 J-M 209
Link Ms. Shayla Garner Interim Administrative Assistant -- Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs 512.505.6433 A-L 103A
Link Ms. Sheila Hancock Project Coordinator 512.505.3126 A-L 313
Link Ms. Sylvia Martinez Administrative Assistant -- Student Affairs 512.505.3036 v
Link Ms. Valerie Hill Vice-President for Administration & Finance 512.505.3060 A-L 209
Link Ms. Virgie Morton Senior Administrative Assistant to the President 512.505.3002 V-A 308
Link Ms. Xia Yan Research Analyst 512.505.3147 V-A 310
Link Ms. Yolanda Baker Fiscal Analyst 512.505.3063 A-L 211
Link Rev. Donald Brewington Campus Chaplain/Interim Dean of Student Affairs 512.505.3054 Religious Life Center