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Dr. Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson, Ph.D.
Dean, University College

Dr. Jeff Wilson is Dean of the University College, Interim Dean of Enrollment Management (Admission/Recruiting) and Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, Texas. As Dean, he leads HT’s efforts in retention, graduation rates, recruiting and admission. Prior to HT, Dr. Wilson held positions at UT-BrownsvilleHarvardIBM and Ernst & Young. Dr. Wilson is recipient of the University of Texas Systems’ most competitive teaching honor and one of the largest teaching honors in the United States, the Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award. Dr. Wilson has authored dozens of publications in the environmental science field and has received funding from the National Science Foundation and various foundations such as Ford Motor Company and Home Depot. Dr. Wilson did his post-doctoral work at the Harvard School of Public Health and holds a PhD in Environmental Science from the University of Canterbury.

Dr. Wilson is also Executive Director of The Dumpster Project, a non-profit based in Austin, Texas that is transforming a trash dumpster into a home with a focus on K-12 STEM and sustainability education. As part of the educational mission of The Dumpster Project, Dr. Wilson plays a character named ‘Professor Dumpster‘ in a role similar to ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’. Dr. Wilson and The Dumpster Project have been featured in hundreds of local, national, and international news sources including NPR, Fast Company, Yahoo! News, and ABC News. In his spare time, Dr. Wilson enjoys traveling – he has lived, worked and ‘couch surfed’ through over 60 countries on six continents and there is a forthcoming film from New Line Cinemas on one of his travel experiments. 


Dumpster 101; Fundamentals of GIS; Management and Implementation of GIS; The Restless City; Geography, Health and Welfare; Global Environmental Change; Environmental Hazards and Management; Quantitative Methods; Earth Science (Physical Geography); Conservation of Natural Resources; Research Problems in Environmental Science; World Regional Geography; Field Methods and Data Analysis in Environmental Science; First Year Seminar.


HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Project: Transforming STEM Education at Huston-Tillotson University with Green BioInnovations Laboratories. 2014-2016. PI: Wilson. National Science Foundation. (USD$400,000: under review).

Über Sustainable On Campus Housing Grant. 2014-2015. PI: Wilson. HBCU Retool Your School Challenge. Home Depot ($10,000: awarded)

DUMPSTER: Developing Underutilized Methods for Promoting Sustainable, Transformative Education & Research. 2014-2015. PI: Wilson. HBCU Community Challenge. Ford Motor Corporation (USD$74,129: awarded).

The Rio Grande Valley Initiative: Resource Stewardship STARS for Sustainability of the Rio Grande Valley. 2013-2015. Wilson: Principal Grant Author (no official/recognized PI on this project). The University of Texas System. (USD$5,000,000: funded).

AUGMENTS: Advancing Undergraduate to Geoenvironmental Masters for Engaged Needs-based Talented Students. 2011-2014. Principal Investigator: Andrew Hunt (UT – Arlington). Co-PI: Wilson. National Science Foundation S-STEM program. (USD$600,000: funded).

*Graduate Student  **Undergraduate Student

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Role: Senior Advisor to the President on Strategic Initiatives
Office: V-A 103