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Dr. Horacio Pena

Born in Managua, Nicaragua, Horacio Peña has traveled and lived in Spain, France and Italy. He holds doctorates from both the University of Managua and the University of Texas at Austin. Austin has been his home for more than a quarter century now. He has attained membership in the Nicaraguan Language Academy and published in various formats including essays, theater, short stories and poetry.

From 1964 to 1966, while in Madrid and Paris, he wrote Ars Moriendi y Otros Poemas, which was published when he was a Professor of History and Culture in the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua. For Ars Moriendi he received the prestigious Premio Poesía Internacional del Centenario Ruben Darío. He has presented poetry tours at invitations from the governments of the United States, France and Germany.

His books include:

  • Antología del inmigrante (San Jose, Costa Rica: Libro Libre, 1988);
  • El Enemigo de los Poetas y Otros Cuentro (San Jose, Costa Rica: Editorial Texto, 1976);
  • Las memorias de Beowulf (1978);
  • Poema a un hombre llamado Roberto Clemente (1973); and
  • La Soledad y El Desierto (1961 and 1965).

To the present Professor Peña’s poems appear in many publications including translations into various languages. He is also widely published and honored as an author of prose and a translator from Italian, French and English, last year in four translated poems which appeared in Beacons, a literary publication of the American Translators Association. His “The Immigrant/El inmigrante” appeared in The Essence of Knowledge, and “El Jubilado” was in Imponiendo Presencias.

In 1999, the Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology published his monumental essay, “The Thousand Faces of God in Central American Poetry,” which had previously been published twice in Spanish.


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Role: Professor of Spanish
Phone: 512.505.3116
Office: J-M 232