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Rams tie Howard Payne in Double OT – Friday, September 10, 2010

Mondays 15 person squad, carrying injuries and tired legs from Sundays OT defeat of McMurray Indians took on the 32 man squad of Howard Payne. The tired Rams rested their legs before the game as the two teams were announced (took a while). They then went on the field and ran their legs to death. Girls who had never ever called for sub were begging to come off the field. Then Howard Payne scored off a corner in the first half. Three men were unmarked on a deflected corner and a Leslie Jones toe-poke put it to the far corner. Keeper Haiydee Moran got a fingertip to it but the toe-poke was too dangerous and the score was 1-0. Rams held tough and got out of the half.
A second half adjustment in tactics, including fresh legs from Moran as she took the field made all the difference. Pam Carias took the goal and played the best game of her season to date. A header from Courtney Wilcut passed the ball to Helen Rios and she was off to the races. Goooaaaallllllll! Despite being outshot 3-1 the Rams then missed two sitters and they went to OT. The 15 person squad held tough and the game ended Howard Payne 27 players on the field and one goal. HT 15 players on the field and one goal. Good work Rams, can’t wait to see what other heroics you pull off!