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Quantum Trajectories Research in Progress at HT

HT Assistant Professor of Chemistry Brad A. Rowland, Ph.D. (far right) is guiding students in outstanding high-level Quantum Trajectories research. 


Quantum Trajectory Methods (QTM’s) are a new and original approach for performing computational molecular dynamics.

Trajectory simulations of molecular dynamics applications have become a widely-employed computational tool in chemistry, physics, biology, applied mathematics, and engineering. Researchers are working to extend QTMs to areas as diverse as nano-engineering, atmospheric modeling, and drug design. 

The Rowland Research Group at Huston-Tillotson University is working to develop novel transformations, such as the Imaginary Phase Space Master Equation Transformation (IPME), to simulate chemical reaction dynamics and nano-electronic devices, and the Stochastic Real-Valued Derivative Propagator Method (SRVDPM), which would find applications in financial options pricing simulations.